Dental Implants in Markham Ontario

If you are looking for a more permanent and long-term option to replace missing teeth, dental implants may be a viable solution for you. Implant restoration involves placing a titanium steel implant into your jawbone. Over the coming months, as your tissues gradually heal around the implant, it is held securely in place. A natural-looking artificial tooth is attached to the implant as the final step.

Compared to removable dentures, an implant won’t slip out, become loose, or move around. This means you can feel confident that an implant won’t fall or slip out while speaking or chewing. Also, because implants replace the missing’s tooth root, it helps to prevent bone demineralization. Bone demineralization occurs once a tooth is removed and causes your jawbone tissues to shrink due to not being used. An implant dramatic to support your jawbone tissues and preserve your jawbone’s overall appearance.

Implants provide amazing strength and durability for your smile. Unlike dentures which rest on top of your gums and dental bridges which require remaining teeth to stay in place, an implant is permanently fused to your bone tissues. As a result, an implant basically mimics a real natural tooth and in some ways surpasses it since its titanium steel won’t wear down like a real tooth would. You can feel confident that if you take care of your implant - such as by brushing and flossing daily - that it will last a lifetime.

People with ample amounts of healthy jawbone tissue are the best candidates for dental implant restoration. If you have oral health problems, like gum disease, you should have them resolved first before considering dental implants. Also, because implant restoration is more invasive than other tooth replacement options, you should be able to commit at least several months for the entire process. Chances are you will need several procedures to properly place the implants into your mouth.

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Dental Implants in MarkhamDental Implants in Markham ON

Dental Implants in Markham OntarioDental Implants in Ontario

Dental Implant Restoration in Markham ON